Full service moving company Newport Beach

If it’s time for moving your office or household, a full-service company in Newport Beach is just what you need at the moment. Organizing a move is not just putting things into some boxes and transporting them to a new place. It comprises a proper planning, dealing with delicate or heavy items and so on.

Commercial and household moves differ but there are companies providing both types of services in Newport Beach. The cost of the move and the time spent on the organization will surely please you.

It’s time for a full service move Newport Beach

Delegating a move to a pro moving local company in Newport Beach will relieve you from dull and monotonous routine. We’re happy to take care of the whole process starting with packaging to putting your things into the wardrobes in a new place. Drop us a message and let us make the move painless for you.

A pro full service moving company in Newport Beach is right what can help you think of some more important items. Here are the services that you can order from us near me:

  • Packaging clothes, delicate things, etc.;
  • Disassembling furniture or equipment;
  • Moving things from one location to another;
  • Taking boxes to a new house or office;
  • Assembling furniture or equipment;
  • Placing things.

One of the most common tips that we give to our clients is to relax and enjoy the full moving process. There’s no need to supervise the relocation steps unless you enjoy doing it. Pro movers will use boxes, stretch films, blankets and other materials that will save your things from damage or breaks. You don’t pay for these materials if you order a full moving service.

Get a full service moving quote

How much is a relocation in Newport Beach? How can you calculate the price before you hire the movers? Our company provides you with four common hourly rates that do not change during the move. It means that there’s one cost estimate before we start our work and it remains the same until the end of work. You won’t get any extra charges.

Here’s how we calculate the price for the full service move:

  1. You inform us about the number of bedrooms you have at home.
  2. We select the number of movers for the move.
  3. We pick up the right number of trucks.
  4. We choose the hourly rate for the move. One takes from three hours.

If you require a commercial move, we will calculate the price for every case individually as the relocation of a small office and a hospital differ greatly. There are no hourly rates for corporate moves but we decide on the price long before we start our work. This price is fixed during the relocation. To find out how much your relocation will cost and how to make it fun, fill in the online form and we’ll get in touch with you.